Sunday, January 4, 2009

Let's Try This Again

Since it's a new year and all, I'm going to try to start keeping a blog again. But I'm not going to use it as my diary like my old blogs used to be. I'm just too paranoid about releasing my inner-most thoughts onto the internet without any guarantee that they will be found by the wrong person. So this is more or less going to be me posting things I find online that I find interesting, or my random, current thoughts about things going on in my life or just society in general.

I'm using a template design for now, but as a "art school" student, I feel really guilty about not creating something completely from scratch. So this is just temporary until I find the time and inspiration to make my own graphics. Anyways, it's just the background image that I'm using, so it shouldn't take long for me to make a new one. I've def. learned that I'm into that grungy look when it comes to designing things though.

So I was just watching Becoming Jane, starring Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy. I love that movie, despite the non-traditional happy ending. It amazes me that Jane Austen could write such amazing stories about love and happiness, when she never got to keep such things in her own life. According to the story, she did get to fall in love, but she made a enormously difficult and selfless decision and gave it all up. And where a normal person would probably live in bitterness for the rest of their lives, she went on to write 6 of the most beautiful and well-known love stories in literature. You gotta give the woman some credit. I absolutely love her style of writing too.


  1. I don't know anything about Jane Austen, why did she have to give up her love?

  2. Well according to the movie, she was proposed to by this wealthy guy, but she refused to marry him without affection. And then she fell in love with this other guy named Tom Lefroy. Tom was studying to be a lawyer, and all of his money came from his uncle, who was a judge, who gave him an allowance while he was studying, and Tom would eventually inherit his uncle's wealth. However, when Tom introduces Jane to his uncle and asks him for his blessing to marry her, his uncle says no, that she is trash and a gold digger. So Tom and Jane want to run away together and get married and provide for themselves. They leave town, but when they stop at a pub or something, Jane finds out that the money Tom had been getting from his uncle, Tom had been sending it back to his family in France, his parents and many siblings, and basically they depended on him to send them money for survival. So Jane cannot bear to let Tom give up his role as financial care-giver for his family just to run away with her. So she tells him he must go back to living with his uncle and taking care of his family. And they never get to be together, and she never marries, I guess because she never finds another man with whom she feels the same affection. It's an awesome movie. You should watch it. I'm not sure how accurate it is, but it's supposed to be based off her life.