Friday, August 23, 2013

Caught Pixel sleeping with his tongue out yesterday.


Saturday, August 17, 2013

I love this Harry Potter tattoo.

The way everything is combined and the quote is all perfect.

Check out other HP tattoos here.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Lincoln Quote

(via Abraham Lincoln - Hand Lettered – Design Different)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

August Goals

  • Find a new copywriting partner at work. - There’s not much I can do to control this. Mostly depends on getting good applicants, but I really want this to be taken care of this month.
  • Get Andrew & Kristen’s wedding gift together. - Sept. 14th is going to sneak on me faster than I want it to.
  • Go kayaking. - I just did this yesterday for the first time and it was awesome. I’m seriously tempted to start researching to buy a kayak of my own, but I don’t want to jump into that too quick. So I want to go out to Oak Mountain and rent one again just for fun.
  • Get back into my gym routine. (This means at least 4 days a week.) - The past two weeks I have really slacked off, and I’ve been blaming a lot of it on working late. But mostly it was just me wanting to take a break. But now with the wedding coming up next month, I need to crack down again.
  • Go home for one more weekend before the summer ends. - Probably late August or early September.
  • Get my car a checkup. - I’ve been putting this off, especially since I just had to buy two new tires last weekend due to wear and a poorly placed nail in the road. But things have been squeaking lately and I know it’s probably due for some maintenance.
  • Finish Game of Thrones book 2. - I’m really enjoying them, but these books are so slow-going. I usually breeze through books I’m really into, but with GoT, I can barely make it through more than one chapter a day. There’s just so much going on.
  • Painting! - I have a craft project in mind for my friend Kerin’s wedding. I’d really love to do it if I can work out the logistics and find some time to be crafty.